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Survival - the state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Jacob Ham, refers to brain being broken into "two"" separate brains, the "learning" brain, and the survival brain. 


"The "learning" brain is open to new information. and comfortable with ambiguity. This part of the brain can see the big picture. Like being able to see the trees over the forest. They feel calm, peaceful, excited about learning and may even be a little playful

On an emotional level, people in "learning brain"  are curious and they are not afraid of making mistakes because they understand it's just apart of the ("growth") learning process. They experience more confidence because they are not thinking about themselves, instead, they believe they have a high chance of excelling if they just apply themselves. "

I also agree with the prevailing perspective on survival, "People operating in survival mode (are typically) hyper-focused on threat. The survival brain wants clear hard facts. It thinks in black and white terms. So in emotional terms, as you can imagine, people feel panicky,  a little obsessive, afraid of getting things wrong. and they don't feel calm and open to learning new things. They just want to get things over with. And people in survival brain don't really like making mistakes. They are afraid of looking stupid" 

Get OUT of your head!!!!!! Life is in the heart. If you want to go to the next level . You have to stop overthinking. Overthinking is a by-product of survival mode. The "overthinking" brain is limited to what it can perceive and what it has perceived in the past.


Where you are going doesn’t exist yet and you can not get there from the mindset that got you to this point. As stated by Albert Einstein we must always look to expand beyond our current realm of understanding.


Life and business must pour from the heart space. Alignment with the heart can only come from the truth. Truth is an individual experience. When you are confident enough to live from your heart then you can let go of what you think will be your solution and allow the solution to flow within. The brain was programmed. The heart existed before you entered this world. And by heart I mean the soul. 

Passionate About helping others succeed

What I do? 
I understand that it takes both logic and creativity working in harmony in order to create and execute forward-thinking projects and life goals.


I blend expertise from entertainment, emerging tech, and spiritual wellness to create a customized action plan for the purpose of supporting you as you craft your life and or design innovative projects that make you stand out. 

My core areas of focus are:

1) Culture: I help individuals and companies build an atmosphere that encourages trust, active engagement, and innovation. 


2) Creative: I help individuals and companies work through creative blocks and reawaken their ability to create, develop, and implement ideas, goals, and passions. 


3) Strategy: I have learned that creativity is only half the battle. The battle for your best self or company will come with a strategy that is clear but flexible, designed to optimize how you and or your business work. 

What I don't do?
I am not a therapist. There are certain levels of trauma that require medical intervention. I am a facilitator. I.e. I help you help yourself and the key is that YOU be ready to help yourself. 
My Core Values :
1) If it's not love, it's an illusion. - Unconditional consciousness and an awareness that the present moment is the only thing that exists.  
2) The only way back is through the scars A lot of time people have been shamed into hiding the best parts of themselves. 
3) I don't need to be right, I need to be effective - You're right, now what? 
4) Finding your truth is the only way -  The truth can only exist in the present. Connecting to the present is the only way to really be yourself. 
5) Change your narrative - What are the stories you tell yourself that are no longer serving you. 


The mission is to create a community of support that invokes the spirit of unconditional love, understanding, and abundance. We are here to share and cross-pollinate our downloads. I believe we all have been given a unique lens to view the world and contribute.  I also believe we are being called to activate and initiate the next unfolding in humanity. With Love we can help build this new world in a new way. 


My hope is that we can help create a shift in perspective. That’s really all we have control over. This is not about saying let’s think positive, this is about going deep within to discover the stories and truths that are no longer serving us and or will not serve us for the selves we are manifesting. Unconditional Love is the only way home.

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