I help individuals and companies Increase intuitive decision making.  Reignite passion & creativity. Gain confidence and clarity to TAKE  action.


"First, there is survival, then there is the awareness of survival, then you resist survival and if you are brave enough you stop surviving."  -The Chief Alchemist



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My name is Amanda, founder of The MuthaBoard, and that’s a picture of me in Africa. It’s my homecoming celebration. As an African American, one of my biggest dreams was to go to Africa. Not only did I manifest a trip to Africa but I also got an opportunity to spend two weeks with one of the oldest tribes known to man, The Maasai Tribe,.



We sang and danced and hugged and cried. It was a life-changing experience. This is what it looks like to THRIVE beyond the realm of SURVIVAL. As I like to say, you can’t do both. Well, science said it first

So how do you know if you're in survival mode ... well, let me ask you a question? Is life happening to you or for you... and still deeper from you?


Join the #thrive nation 

The mission is to create a community of support that invokes the spirit of unconditional love, understanding, and abundance. We are here to share and cross-pollinate our downloads. I believe we all have been given a unique lens to view the world and contribute.  I also believe we are being called to activate and initiate the next unfolding in humanity. With Love we can help build this new world in a new way. 


My hope is that we can help create a shift in perspective. That’s really all we have control over. This is not about saying let’s think positive, this is about going deep within to discover the stories and truths that are no longer serving us and or will not serve us for the selves we are manifesting. Unconditional Love is the only way home.



I help you design a personal and practical approach to understanding your spirituality. The goal is to cultivate balance with your continued expansion (evolution) of who you are and your soul's purpose on this journey we call life. 

Key Areas of Support include(but are not limited to):

Examine and eliminate  limiting beliefs

Develop a personal strategy for managing your "personal quirks" and your thoughts

Implement proven techniques to discover, define, and operate from your true self

Results Include:

Increase awareness 

Increase communication skills

Gain confidence and clarity

Reconnect to your purpose and passion

Develop and increase effective leadership skills

Create healthy boundaries

Form better relationships and or partnerships


 I help you translate, and breakdown the complexities of your creative projects and goals into a clear strategic plan for execution; saving you time, money, and unnecessary stress.

Key Areas of Support include(but are not limited to):

Project Assessment

 Get clarity on your desired outcome

Project Consultation 

Expand on your desired outcome. See where you may have holes in your plan

Development Consultant

Learn how to have effective ideation or brainstorming sessions. Also, learn how to develop an actionable plan and an effective road map.


The action you must take. Learn how to simplify your process and reduce the level of complexities. Allowing you to get more done with less effort.


Build a plan that is designed to work with you not against you. Projects and goals (etc) can fail because our strategy is not in harmony with how we naturally get things done. 


Learn the basics of "self" mastery and personal growth in an easy to understand, hands-on course.

Most Popular Topics:

Introduction to "Self" 

Star the process of answering the two most important questions you'll ever answer. Who am I? and What do I want? 

G.E.T.- A practical approach to spiritually 

Deep dive into spirituality using history, science, tech, theology, and cognition. 



Learn how to develop, package, produce, and distribute your creativity and various expertise.

The Innovation Effect: How to THRIVE at the intersection of Art, Technology, and Spirituality 

As the name implies, we deep dive into how to balance all parts of the human experience for the sake of innovation and pushing humanity forward. 

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